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Name: Idate Morino
Seiyū: Hiromichi Kogami
Voice Actor: Roger Craig Smith
Affiliation: Konohagakure
Age: 16
Rank: Genin
Idate Morino is the younger brother of Ibiki Morino and a filler arc only character. He has also gained incredible speed (especially when removing his weights on his legs). After his own brother failed him during the Chunin Exams for choosing to succeed then help the team, Idate's sensei, the Jonin Aoi Rokusho, told Idate he could become a Chunin by stealing the secret jutsu scroll and the Raijin. Unlucky for Idate, Aoi only used Idate to get his hands on these and become a Jonin in the Rain Village, and Idate therefore was a fugitive and had to go on the run. Ibiki quickly found out and chased them, though Aoi brought in Amegakure allies to capture Ibiki and eliminate the two ANBU Black Ops members with him. Aoi then cruelly tortured Ibiki to read the scroll, in the process accidentally setting the building on fire and (supposedly) killing the two, though they escaped separately. At some point after that, Idate tried to steal money from Jirocho Wasabi and failed, though he took pity on him, and let Idate join the Wasabi clan.

Just a little after Tsunade becomes Hokage, Idate is hired to be the Wasabi Clan's runner for the Burning Fire Race in the Tea Country with Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha, and Sakura Haruno as his bodyguards. Aoi and Team Oboro turned out to be the bodyguard of the Wagarashi clan's runner Fukusuke Hikyakuya. Their leader Kirouku Wagarashi hired them to take care of Idate for him. Team 7 is constantly angered by Idate, but still protect him at any cost, especially after hearing his story. After having to go through difficult battles with Team Oboro and Aoi, Team 7 helps him win. When Ibiki comes to pick up an injured Sasuke, Idate bows to him, while Ibiki says he doesn't have the eyes of a coward anymore.

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Idate Morino
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