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 Sasuke Uchiha ..............

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Name: Uchiha Sasuke
Age: 13
Birthday: 23 July
Zodiac: Cancer
Rank: Genin
From: Leaf
Teacher: Kakashi
Teammates: Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura
Family: Uchiha Itachi (elder brother)
Favourite technique: Grand Fireball Technique

Background: Sole survivor of the Uchiha clan when his elder brother went on a killing rampage.

The Deal with him: Sasuke was a regular adorable ninja student with big dreams of being an excellent ninja like his elder brother. But after Itachi killed their family and screwed up his mind to "live in an unsightly way", Sasuke became cool, and calls himself an 'avenger', whose purpose in life was to kill his brother. For some obscure reason, that made all the girls at the academy fall in love with him.

Sasuke first started to use his Sharingan when he fought against Haku with Naruto at Wave Country. His pretty eyes and body attracted the liking of Orochimaru, who wishes to take over his body after he became truly strong. To show his admiration, Orochimaru left a cursed seal after delightfully sinking his fangs into Sasuke's neck, which Kakashi sealed, but threatens to unleash everytime Sasuke gets excited in a fight.

After engaging in a precarious fight with Naruto, Sasuke felt inferior as he seemed not to be improving as much as Naruto. Orochimaru took the chance to send the Sound 4 ninjas to convince Sasuke to leave the Leaf village to seek more power from Orochimaru. Thus, Sasuke abandoned Konoha (Sakura's endless whining might have helped him decide to leave in a hurry) and is on his way to the Sound village.

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Sasuke Uchiha (うちは サスケ, Uchiha Sasuke?) is one of the members of Team 7. He was created by Kishimoto to be a rival to Naruto, as well as a "cool genius," which Kishimoto believed was an integral part of an ideal rivalry. He is one of the few remaining members of the Uchiha clan, his brother, Itachi Uchiha, having killed the rest of their family. Due to this, Sasuke's sole desire is to kill his brother, and he develops a cold and withdrawn personality. His interactions with his fellow teammates, especially Naruto Uzumaki, make him focus less on revenge, but an encounter with his brother, who leaves Sasuke beaten physically and mentally, causes Sasuke to leave the village to seek more power from the criminal Orochimaru. His teammates' attempts to recover him from Orochimaru form a major component of the plot in Part II of the Naruto storyline. In the Japanese anime, Sasuke's seiyū is Noriaki Sugiyama, and his English voice actor is Yuri Lowenthal.

traducere ^_^ : Sasuke Uchiha (うちは サスケ, Uchiha Sasuke?) este unul din membrii Echipei 7. A fost creat de Kishimoto pentru a fi un rival pentru Naruto, la fel și un "geniu rece", lucru care după părerea lu Kishimoto, a fost o parte integrală a unei rivalități ideale. Este printre puținii membrii ai clanului Uchiha, datorită faptului că fratele său, Itachi Uchiha, i-a ucis pe ceilalți. Datorită acestui lucru, Sasuke crește cu o personalitate rece, având ca dorință uciderea fratelui său. Interacțiunile sale cu membrii echipei, mai ales cu Naruto Uzumaki, îl fac să se concentreze mai puțin la răzbunare, însă întâlnirea cu Itachi, care îl lasă pe Sasuke învins mental și fizic, îl determină pe Sasuke să plece din sat și să caute mai multă putere din partea criminalului Orochimaru. Cea mai mare parte a părții secunde se axează pe încercările colegilor săi de a'l recupera de la Orochimaru. În versiunea japoneză a anime-ului, Sasuke este dublat de Noriaki Sugiyama și în versiunea engleză de Yuri Lowenthal.
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Uchiha Sasuke

Debut (Manga) Chapter 3
Debut (Anime) Episode 1
Appears in Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese) Noriaki Sugiyama
Voice actor(s) (English) Yuri Lowenthal
Highest rank Part I: Genin
Part II: Genin
Classification Missing-nin
Birthdate July 23
Age Part I: 12-13
Part II: 15
Height Part I: 153.2
Part II: 170
Weight Part I:43.5
Part II:66.6
Gender Male
Blood type AB
Affiliation Uchiha Clan
Previous affiliation(s) Konohagakure
Team Team Snake
Previous team(s) Team 7

When first meeting Sai, he did not care the slightest and was more interested in Orochimaru's presence. When Sai states that he might be able to get along better with Sasuke than he did with Naruto, Sasuke freezes him with a stare, catching Sai in a genjutsu exuding a large amount of killing intent.[1] Sai is amazed that even an emotionless person such as himself was affected by Sasuke's gaze, showing the power of his Sharingan. When Sai comments on how Naruto and Sakura have been searching for him, Sasuke once again regards him with indifference.

Later, when Sai enters his room while resting he tells Sasuke he's not going to repair his and Naruto's bond together. Sasuke however blows up the room, angered that he was woken up to hear about bonds. Following the explosion, Sakura and Naruto found Sai and Sasuke. While the two looked on at him, Sasuke showed his usual indifference to his former team,[2]. Sasuke begins to mock Naruto on when he spent so much time trying to save him, he could have made himself stronger to become Hokage. Sasuke also told Naruto that he spared his life on a whim, and he would now end it on a whim.[3]. However Sai and Yamato jumped in, forcing Sasuke to reveal his Chidori Current, to paralayze them. When Naruto began his conversation with demon fox, Sasuke used his Sharingan to enter Naruto's mind to meet the demon fox himself. The demon fox comments that Sasuke's chakra reminded him of Madara Uchiha's, commented that Madara's chakra was more sinister than his own. What this means currently remains a mystery. Sasuke then shows the ability to forcefully supress the demon fox's chakra, blasting it back inside its gate. Before releasing Naruto, the demon fox warns Sasuke to not kill Naruto, or he will regret it.[4] When Sasuke released Naruto, they continued their one-sided fight until Sasuke claimed he was tired of dealing with Konoha and planned to finish them off with Kirin, only to be stopped by Orochimaru.[5] Listening to Orochimaru's plan to use them to thin the Akatsuki numbers, he dissappears with Orochimaru and Kabuto.

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Sasuke Uchiha ..............
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