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Debut (Manga) Chapter 38

Debut (Anime) Episode 22

Seiyū (Japanese) Masashi Ebara

Voice actor(s) (English) Skip Stellrecht

Highest rank Jonin

Birthdate January 1

Age Part I: 26-27
Part II: 29

Height 184cm1.84 m
6.037 ft
72.441 in

Weight 76kg167.551 lb

Gender Male

Blood type B

Affiliation Konohagakure

Team Team Guy

Might Guy (マイト・ガイ, Maito Gai) is one of the supporting characters in Naruto. Fansubs have often dubbed his name as Maito Gai, a direct and unaltered transliteration of the character's name, but the second official Naruto data book (Hiden: Tō no Sho) states his name as Might Guy. The English version of the anime and manga both use Might Guy as well.

In the Shonen Jump magazine, Viz rendered Guy's name as "Mighty Guy" in some of the earlier chapters; this was changed back to "Maito Gai" in most of the graphic novel stories and later changed to "Might Guy" when the guidebooks were released.

The name "Might Guy" is a joke aimed at the "hot-headed hero" archetype that appears in many movies and anime. Guy's appearance and mannerisms are similar to Bruce Lee's.

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Guy Might.......
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