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 Asuma Sarutobi

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Debut (Anime) Episode 3

Seiyū (Japanese) Jūrōta Kosugi

Voice actor(s) (English) Doug Ehrholtz

Highest rank Part I: Jonin
Part II: Jonin

Birthdate October 18

Age Part I: 27-28
Part II: 30 (deceased)

Height 190.8 cm1.908 m
6.26 ft
75.118 in

Weight 81.6 kg179.897 lb

Gender Male

Blood type O

Affiliation Konohagakure

Previous team(s) Team 10

Asuma uses trench knives to fight. These knives are made of a special metal that is capable of being infused with chakra. With his Flying Swallow (飛燕, Hien), he can extend the blades with his chakra to injure an enemy several feet out of the physical blade's range. When demonstrating his wind-based chakra for Naruto Uzumaki, Asuma explains that these chakra-covered blades (when utilized by someone with wind-based chakra) possess enough power to pierce through rock. During the invasion of Konoha, Asuma is able to use these blades in unison with his taijutsu abilities to single-handedly defeat nine Sound ninja without being hit once.

In addition to his blades, Asuma can use Fire Release: Ash Product Burning (火遁・灰積焼, Katon: Haisekishō) to breathe out a cloud of superheated ash capable of causing third-degree burns. Because it is ash and not flame, the attack remains in the air around the target, and therefore remains potent for a longer period of time.

Asuma is teamed up with Shikamaru, Kotetsu Hagane, and Izumo Kamizuki as members of the Niju Shotai. His team, along with the entire group, is ordered to search for and, if possible, capture a pair of Akatsuki members who had entered the Land of Fire. Asuma and his team eventually track down the Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, at a Bounty Station where they quickly discover that Hidan is immortal after their first attack. The situation worsens, when Hidan's counterattack results in him becoming 'linked' to Asuma through a curse ritual. Hidan assumes a Grim Reaper-like form, causing any bodily damage to Hidan to be shared with Asuma while at the same time not hindering Hidan at all. Some quick thinking by Shikamaru manages to break Hidan's ritual, allowing Asuma to decapitate him with his chakra-extended trench knives. Surprisingly, Hidan's severed head starts to talk, uttering expletives at Asuma and Kakuzu (for not helping him).

Kakuzu finally steps in as he admonishes his partner for letting his guard down and sews Hidan's head back onto his body. With his body restored, Hidan resumes the ritual and impales himself in the heart. Though the blow does not instantly kill Asuma, it is still quite fatal. The rest of Team 10 arrives as backup, which, combined with a telepathic call from Pein, forces the Akatsuki duo to leave. Before dying, Asuma leaves some parting words with his students, and smokes one last cigarette.

Later, while Shikamaru is exacting revenge upon Hidan for killing Asuma, Asuma appears before Shikamaru and congratulates him for finally defeating the immortal. After entrusting his "will of fire" to Shikamaru, Asuma disappears in a puff of cigarette smoke just before his student finishes off Hidan with a huge explosion.

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Asuma Sarutobi
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