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Name: Iruka Umino
Kana: うみのイルカ
Seiyū: Toshihiko Seki
Voice Actor: Quinton Flynn
Country: Fire Country; Hidden Leaf Village
Birthday: May 26
Bloodtype: A
Hair Colour: Brown
Eye Colour: Black
Part I: 23
Part II: 25
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 66.2 kg
Rank: Chunin
Iruka Umino (うみのイルカ, Umino Iruka) is an instructor at the Ninja Academy, characterized by the distinctive scar across his face that he has had since childhood. The name "Umino Iruka" can be taken as "umi no iruka" ("sea dolphin"). His parents were killed by the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox when he was younger, though he holds no hostility towards its container, Naruto Uzumaki. In fact, Iruka is one of the few people at the start of the series who values Naruto as a person, being able to relate with Naruto's methods of trying to gain attention. Because he, like Naruto, was forced to grow up without parents, and was socially isolated as a result, he can relate to Naruto in this regard as well and has assumed the role as Naruto's father-figure. Once Naruto becomes a ninja Iruka starts to underestimate Naruto, and as such become overprotective of him, though he in time discovers that Naruto has all the makings to become a great ninja.

Little is known about Iruka's abilities, but he is clearly proficient in the basic ninjutsu and genjutsu, seen when he disguises himself as an enemy ninja and menaces Team 7 as a pretest for the Chunin Exam. The anime filler episodes show Iruka using Sealed Bomb Square Release (方爆法陣, Fūbaku Hojin), which consists of setting an array of exploding tags and, once the target has entered, setting the tags to detonate if the target moves. Because this only applies to the target, meaning others can freely enter the array without harm, it is possible that Iruka is skilled in this area.
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Iruka Umino..........
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