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MesajSubiect: Suigetsu......   Joi Mai 01, 2008 1:08 pm

Suigetsu appears to be indifferent, caring for only a few things around him. He spends a considerable amount of time mocking and or being beaten by Karin, another member of Team Snake. Suigetsu also shows a desire to collect all the swords of the Seven Mist Swordsmen, of which his senior Zabuza Momochi, was a member of and which he appears to have been a member of as well. Kisame Hoshigaki, one of the Seven Swordsmen, claims Suigetsu is a prodigy at the art of murder, as he has a habit of chopping off his victim's limbs before beheading them. Suigetsu apparently likes animals, as he is seen playing with several talking cats at one point and also lectured Sasuke on treating animals better after Sasuke used Manda to escape an explosion, causing Manda's death.

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