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MesajSubiect: Kankurou...........   Mier Apr 30, 2008 9:53 pm

Name: Kankurou
Age: 15
Birthday: 15 May
Zodiac: Taurus
Rank: Jounin
From: Sand
Teacher: Baki
Teammates: Gaara, Temari
Family: Kazekage (Father), Temari and Gaara (younger siblings)
Weapon: Those weird puppets
Hobbies: Face painting.

Background: Son of former Kazekage and brother of current kazekage.

The Deal with him: Kankurou is probably best known for walking around in his pajamas and carrying heavy looking puppets on his back. Kankurou uses branded puppet weapons created by Sasori of the Red Sand, former Sand nin and current Akatsuki member.

Though a formidable ninja in his own right, Kankurou's career is shadowed by his baby brother Gaara's achievements. When they were little genins, all everyone talked about was how scary Gaara was. Gaara's insane abilities as the Shukaku's carrier also made him the the leader of the team. When Gaara became Kazekage, all everyone gushed about was how much they love him, once again side-lining Kankurou until he got his ass kicked by Sasori of the Desert.

Kankurou's avid hobby with experimental face painting of various symbols and shapes is also really useful in distinguishing his age and timeline of events during the flashbacks in the anime.

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MesajSubiect: Re: Kankurou...........   Joi Mai 01, 2008 12:39 pm

Kankuro (カンクロウ, Kankurō?) is the second oldest of the three siblings. For the first half of the series he is frequently at odds with his younger brother, Gaara, though he tends to hold his tongue for fear of being killed. In Part II, once Gaara begins to reveal his dreams and motivations to Kankuro, Kankuro becomes very protective of Gaara; he lashes out at anyone who speaks poorly of Gaara and readily risks his life to save Gaara when he is kidnapped. Kankuro is a talented puppeteer, and has thus far been shown to have three puppets in his arsenal: Karasu (烏, Karasu? lit. Crow), Kuroari (黒蟻, Kuroari? lit. Black Ant), and Sanshōuo (山椒魚, Sanshōuo? lit. Salamander). Karasu is used for offensive purposes, Kuroari traps opponents in its body to make them easier targets, and Sanshōuo protects Kankuro and his allies from enemy attacks. The puppets are all destroyed by their original creator, Sasori, in Part II, and it has yet to be seen whether Kankuro has repaired them. In the Japanese anime, he is voiced by Yasuyuki Kase, and his English voice actor is Michael Lindsay.
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