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Name Kidomaru
Appears in Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese) Susumu Chiba
Voice actor(s) (English) Peter Lurie
Highest rank Unknown
Classification Missing-nin
Birthdate December 16
Age 14 (deceased)
Height 159.2 cm (1.592 m ,5.223 ft ,62.677 in)
Weight 56.2 kg (123.9 lb)
Gender Male
Blood type A
Affiliation Otogakure
Team Sound Five
Previous team(s) Sound Four

Kidomaru (鬼童丸, Kidōmaru)

Kidomaru is the spider-like member of the Sound Four; he possesses four extra arms for a total of eight limbs, and has the ability to make webs. He makes his webs through a special type of liquid that is created by infusing body liquid with chakra. He can also create a thicker gold liquid that hardens into a chakra-blocking metal. This hardened material can be fabricated into body armor, kunai, or his especially deadly bow and arrow. When in his Level 2 cursed seal form, he becomes even more spider-like; his skin becomes darker, and he grows long, white hair. He opens the third eye on his forehead to improve his accuracy (which he normally keeps covered with his Sound forehead protector). However as Sakon and Tayuya comment he goes into that state way too easily. He also gains the ability to control the path of his arrows with chakra and thread. His abilities are not kekkei genkai, but clan-related.

Kidomaru is an excellent tactical analyzer, capable of figuring out his enemy's weak point quickly and efficiently, and also enjoys playing with his enemies before he kills them. He seems to prefer fighting from a distance, lending him a considerable advantage and allowing him to avoid close-combat.

Kidomaru generally sees a battle as a game, and often plays around with the opponent too much because he prefers to have fun seeing the opponent struggle. His speech also reflects this- when battling Neji Hyuga, he, instead of calling Neji "minor" he calls him a minor character. He also analyzes his predicament using the same language as the typical gamer(such as level and difficulty).

During the Destruction of Konoha arc, Kidomaru used his webs to protect the Sound Four and Orochimaru as they escaped. He was defeated and killed by Neji Hyuga pressing all of his chakra points during the Sasuke Retrieval arc, to whom he spoke before dying about it being impossible to save Sasuke, as Sasuke went into the Darkness by his own choice. Although Neji denies this, this turns out to be the exact truth. Kidomaru then realizes that he hasn't been pushed that far since Kimimaro and dies.

"This game has a higher difficulty level than I thought!"
"Lord Sasuke... has willingly joined the Sound"
"Heh, smart aleck to the end"
"I guess it was more fun this way... but now game over!!"

Spiral Spider Web
Gum Style: Spider Thread
Summoning Technique (Kyodaigumo)
Armor of Sticky Gold
Spider War Bow:Terrible Split
Unnamed Cursed Seal


"You have the ability to change people."

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